Get to Know Agrotalya

Agrotalya Tarım is a young and dynamic enterprise which has the goal of making new projects on agriculture and fresh food industry by means of its know-how, market experience and innovative ideas since 2010.

Agrotalya Tarım has three branches of activities. Initially we have activities in “open land hybrid vegetable seeds” and we have the seed portfolio matched with the market needs. Secondly Agrotalya has commercial activities with big supermarket retail chains in Turkey and marketing “fifth range products” to fresh shelves. Lastly Agrotalya has a small sized project on “Prickly Pears”, a cactus fruit which is found in nature with pricks on the fruit. The pricks prevent the fruit to be marketed so this fruit didn’t have a marketable value before our project. Agrotalya Prickly Pear Project supported by development agency (BAKA) dethorned the cactus fruit and it can be marketed to retail chains without the pricks in the time span between july to september.

Agrotalya Tarım has the sense of responsibility in its products and projects, to refine upon the value chain from production field to customer . In this manner Agrotalya can be either project leader or matchmaker for the projects.